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Health Informatics Specialist 
CDC – Center for Disease Control,

Executive MBA 2020 Batch

New Year, New challenges

This is a new year and as usual, the beginning of the year is the perfect time to set new challenges.  My biggest challenge for this year is to start my journey to be financially independent, in other words, I want to live for my passive income in 10 years. Last year, I read a great deal about investment, passive income, and the stock market even though these topics are a challenge for me. This year I will put into practice what I have been learning. As a part of this journey to become financially independent, creating profitable businesses is an important step in my strategy, so this year I will take off many business ideas from the paper and improve my e-commerce business that is already a reality.  As a conservative person when the subject is financial, I will get out of my comfort zone in 2021. I hope this MBA will be one of the tools that will help me to become a confident businesswoman. 

I am an employee of a company and we are currently working from home. As the travel from home to work steals a lot of my time, I will do my best to take advantage of the time won by teleworking. As life is not all about money, I hope I can take care of my mental and physical health. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and having a baby of two months, going to the gym is not an option for me, but I will not make this an excuse to not exercise. I am planning to do workouts at home with my husband who has already worked as a personal trainer so it's time to take advantage of it ????.  It will require intense focus and discipline from us. Taking into account distractions at home and the obligations of work, we need to be very committed to our fitness plan. 

I hope this year I can have more quality time with my family, I pray that things get better soon because travel with them is one of my plans. I hope we can be more connected and enjoy more time together, and live unforgettable moments. 2020 for most of us was a difficult year not only because of the Covid pandemic but also because we were fully dedicated to building our house to a happy one, and we succeeded. I think we deserve to celebrate enjoying life better in 2021. 

I know there are several challenges for one year but if I can summarize in a phrase, I hope I can become a better person. I wish everyone who is reading this article a great year, despite Covid-19 being still around. Set your goals, exceed your limits, live wonderful moments, and value the fact that you can chase your dreams in 2021 because not everyone had the opportunity to do it. Most importantly, be happy, enjoy this trip and be kind to yourself in these tough times. 

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