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"I felt something was still missing from my life and that's when I decided to apply for the EMBA program, and here I am."

Ducla Dos Santos
FNB Mozambique

Executive MBA Batch 2021 

How I managed my work and hobbies during Covid – 19

I am Ducla Dos Santos, bank worker, divorced, and mother of two beautiful girls, Daniela and Andreia. I have a hectic schedule because of my work, not to mention the daily management of my children since I am both mother and father to them.  

At the beginning of the pandemic, I almost “lost myself”, because we had to be under mandatory quarantine, we had to adopt new ways of living. My day started by shuffling around the house, being locked up, and only going out when necessary. I must confess it was very hard, because I had so many things to do simultaneously and I didn't have time for myself, even to brush my hair and it was quite rare, believe me. I couldn’t do the things I loved doing. I had no space and time to listen to good jazz music, which is a therapy for me, or going out for a run, cooking special and elaborate dishes, or at least playing MasterChef. Nothing was possible during quarter two and middle of quarter three of last year. 

Then, I realized that I should stop complaining because nothing would change fast. The number of Covid-19 cases was increasing day by day, measures imposed by the Government were still tight, quarantine stretched to months and everything was akin to a  complete lock down. Fortunately, we didn’t reach  the stage of complete lock down. So, I started talking with myself and concluded that I should adapt myself to the new situation. In other words I reprimanded myself, Ducla, instead of complaining take  advantage of the situation and look at it as an opportunity. 

I took my first step when I decided to participate in the MasterChef competition across RMB Africa/ International organized by the bank in South Africa. As I love to cook, I prepared a special dish, and when I submitted, the result was impressive. I won the competition. That was a sign that I shouldn’t stop doing what I love to do whatever the situation might be. 

Next, I started to work from my indoor gym (home), playing my music, and I felt less tired and  more mentally relaxed. The days were getting lighter. But even so, I felt something was still missing from my life and that's when I decided to apply for the EMBA program, and here I am. I hope my journey in this program would be positive and memorable. Because I believe that all those who succeeded or are successful, it was because they fought and tried. 

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