Short and Sweet: Why Bite-Sized Learning is What You Need

Why Bite-Sized Learning is what you need Sheza Firoz  |   2 mins read May 31, 2022 | 115 eye icon

Have you ever opened your textbook and not understood a single word? Have you spent many hours studying the same topic? And after all your efforts, have you forgotten everything you learned?

You are not alone. Students all over the world experience the same problems. In today’s fast-paced world, no one has the time to attend long lectures or read lengthy, difficult material. No one has time to study the same long material again when they forget it. So, what’s the solution?

Bite-Size Learning is the answer to all your problems. This simply means that your course material will be divided into smaller ‘chunks’. 

These are simple, focused pieces of information that you can learn in just ten minutes. You can study, even while travelling on a bus or sitting during lunch break. Moreover, bite-sized learning can help you to remember what you study.


Scientifically, when you learn a little bit of information and revise it consistently, you are likely to remember it. But when you learn too much information and you cannot revise it, you are more likely to forget it. Research also shows that bite-sized learning can improve retention by nearly 80%. 

Research also shows that bite-sized learning can improve retention by nearly 80%. 

This is why UniAthena has invested in developing a Byte-Sized Learning approach. The entire program is drilled down into Modules, Units, Chapters and Lessons. Lessons are further split into mostly independent chunks which can be completed in 10 minutes.  Each lesson is a combination of a lecture video (10 minutes), essential reading (20 - 30 minutes), reference materials and additional reading done at your comfort. This type of teaching has helped our professional, busy learners to successfully pursue career and educational goals at the same time.

Learn during your tea breaks, work commutes and lazy afternoons. Instead of building your schedule around your program, UniAthena’s bite-sized learning works around your schedule. Make Bite-Sized Learning your friend so you can learn anytime, anywhere.


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