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Public Finance short course Dr. Intekhab Mujibi  |   2 mins read August 3, 2022 | 136 eye icon

UniAthena is pleased to introduce a slew of new short courses in Public Finance. The modules on Public Finance offer a bouquet of courses categorised as Basics, Essentials, Mastering, Diploma and Executive Diploma. While the Basics course imparts fundamental understanding of a particular subject/theme in Public Finance, the Executive Diploma provides comprehensive learning of different conceptual, theoretical and practical issues in this discipline of study.  

Public Finance is a topical area of study intended not only to impart theoretical knowledge but practical application. It can be defined as the role of the government in the economy with specific reference to the appraisal of how revenues are generated and public expenditures are met by the Government of a country. The courses enlighten learners with the government’s financial policy planning and its abilities to provide the most basic amenities and needs of the population.

Managing the finances in this backdrop becomes imperative for the government vis-à-vis the sources of revenue generation and public sector expenditures. Management of Public Finance is like walking on a tightrope whereby the government has to balance the expenditures against the revenues to run the country’s affairs.

While the Basics courses are designed to impart a conceptual understanding of Public Finance, the Essentials courses let the learners learn about revenue collection sources and major Expenditure sectors. Similarly, the Mastering course includes discussions on Income & Expenses, Budgeting & Controls. The Diploma courses, on the other hand, delve deeper into each thematic topic of Public Finance and offer comprehensive knowledge of its different facets. The courses not only enlighten the learners with theories but also bolster them with pragmatic skills, which are vital for financial planning, implementation and evaluation.

These specially curated courses cater to the requirements of individuals with some basic understanding of Public Finance and working professionals who want to augment their knowledge pool, albeit anyone with interest in finance can choose these courses. UniAthena offers a very learner-friendly platform to learn in a dynamic way. They can study from literally anywhere on the planet; the only thing they need is an internet connection. The byte-sized modules and flexible durations add to the appeal of learning without ever feeling hassled. Learn steadily on this platform to increase your knowledge database and add skills to your existing ones.


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