How Can I Learn AI For Free?

15 March, 2024

Table of Contents

  • Best AI Courses Online Free
    • Diploma in Artificial Intelligence
    • Basics of Artificial Intelligence: Learnings Models
    • Basics of Artificial Intelligence
    • Basics of Agents & Environments in AI
    • Essentials Of Problem Solving & Knowledge Representation In AI
    • Essentials of AI Learning Frameworks & Advanced Models
  • Conclusion
  • Bonus Points

When you search for an AI course online you end up getting hundreds of courses in the results. Some of which are not even remotely relevant to you. So how would you go about filtering that long list of courses and find the best way to learn AI for you?

Let’s consider 3 important factors:

  1. You want to learn artificial intelligence for free
  2. You want to learn in a short time
  3. You want the program to be from a good university

Keeping all these three factors in mind, we have curated just the right list for you.

Best AI Courses Online Free

Even if you are here to learn AI from scratch, you still need to understand that there are different courses in AI that focus on different aspects of the topic. Depending on your interest you need to pick the right AI course online.

Here is our carefully curated list that will help you understand how to get started with AI:

Diploma in Artificial Intelligence

This comprehensive course is great for beginners. It covers all the foundational concepts one needs to know to learn artificial intelligence. While the program is short enough that you can complete learning within two weeks, it still manages to teach the learners advanced applications of AI.

The Diploma in Artificial Intelligence is your course to choose if you want to learn AI basics. The learnings from this course can be applied in various fields. So if you just want to get started in AI this is the program for you.

Basics of Artificial Intelligence: Learnings Models

This AI certificate course is designed by Cambridge International Qualifications, UK and it focuses on diverse forms of learning models in AI. With this free artificial intelligence course, you are able to understand topics such as Deep Learning, Probabilistic Models, and Fuzzy Logic in AI.

You must enroll in the Basics of Artificial Intelligence: Learnings Models course if you are an AI researcher or developer. Even if you don’t work in AI directly but work with huge amounts of data this course will help you.

Basics of Artificial Intelligence

This is another course where you can learn AI from scratch also designed by Cambridge International Qualifications, UK. This course takes you through a journey of the evolution of AI and helps you understand all the future possibilities with the technology. This program is ideal for quick learning as all the course material can be completed in 6 hours.

The Basics of Artificial Intelligence is one of the best AI for beginners courses.

Basics of Agents & Environments in AI

If you are looking for an AI course online that covers all the basics while focusing on intelligent agents in AI this is the course for you. This program introduces you to diverse environments in which artificial intelligence is used. It also covers the famous Turing Test for evaluating an agent’s intelligence.

If you are looking for a short course to learn AI, especially the various agents and environments involved the Basics of Agents and Environments in AI is the right choice.

Essentials Of Problem Solving & Knowledge Representation In AI

This accredited AI certificate course by Acacia University focuses on the problem-solving aspect of artificial intelligence. With this course, you will learn to master various problem-solving techniques using AI. The other focus of this program is knowledge representation. You will learn AI from scratch and cover all the important aspects of the technology.

The Essentials of Problem Solving and Knowledge Representation in AI is a beginner-friendly free course, so enroll now.

Essentials of AI Learning Frameworks & Advanced Models

This artificial intelligence course by Cambridge International Qualifications, UK is a great follow-up program for their basic short course. This course takes you deeper into the AI frameworks and covers all the important advanced models. You learn to apply artificial intelligence in diverse landscapes and become equipped with all the necessary skills in AI.

Like all the other courses, with the Essentials of AI Learning Framework and Advanced Models, you also learn AI from scratch.


As a beginner, these are some great options to learn AI online for free. All of these courses are hosted by UniAthena and come with certificates. So if you are looking to not only develop your skills but also build your resume to get started in the job market then these programs will help you along the way.

Bonus Points

Choose your AI course online based on your career goals. The more specific knowledge you gain, the better.
Apply your learnings to a practical project to understand it all better.
Ensure that you have a basic understanding of mathematics, programming, and statistics. This will make learning AI easier.

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