Fostering Knowledge Transfer in a Changing World

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26 November, 2022

Knowledge transfer is a process in which knowledge is transferred from sender to receiver. The best way to deal with knowledge transfer is to equip the recipient with the skills to search for information, so that the learning process becomes an ongoing process. This is also known as learning to learn.

Learning to learn involves developing the insights and skills necessary for acquiring and applying knowledge. In that process, task orientation, perseverance and motivation are of great importance. In fact, this is about the urge to constantly strive to continue learning and find enjoyment in learning new things. 

It is also imperative that the recipient can formulate learning goals and is able to work according to a plan. In addition, one is able to use different learning strategies to acquire and store information, so that newly acquired skills can be converted into demonstrable practical skills. Knowledge transfer is of eminent importance, not only in education, but also in the business world.

With knowledge management, the existing knowledge within organizations is preserved. When this knowledge is shared with each other, value is created for both the organization and the employees. Moreover, much of this knowledge resides in the minds of employees.

In view of the aging population, it is important to safeguard and reuse this knowledge, but sharing knowledge is not always a matter of course. Sometimes people do not want to share knowledge, sometimes they cannot do it well enough and often they don't invest time in knowledge transfer. The social playing field and others in the work environment also play an important role. It is therefore extremely important that attention is also paid to stimulating knowledge transfer.

Looking at the developments in the field and in society, we are on the way to "a new way of thinking and working". Concepts such as "weconomy" and "co-creation" may still sound like modern marketing slogans to some, but if you look through them, it is essentially an ancient theme: knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing is a teacher. Grow and innovate by developing yourself and being smart together. The best thing about knowledge transfer is that it is an investment in the impermanent. The knowledge that is transferred today is passed on through recordings and lessons and lives on for generations.

Knowledge transfer is one of the most important building blocks of education and the key to changing and shaping people. In the words of the legendary Nelson Mandela once said: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." 

As a part time lecturer at the Polytechnic College Suriname (PTC), transferring knowledge is part of my daily life, in addition to it being a passion.

This Surinamese educational institute makes an invaluable contribution to the Surinamese society by offering its education and training programs and recently consultancy services in various areas. There is a significant need in society for experts at HBO and MBA level, as well as tailor-made master classes, training, and consultancy. I enjoy working with young people at the beginning of their career.

Meeting students after a few years and seeing the fruits of the acquired knowledge is the invaluable reward that comes with this passion.


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