UniAthena to Launch Short Courses on Sustainable Construction Practices

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25 October, 2022

UniAthena is excited to release a fresh set of free learning short courses on Sustainable Construction Practices, a topic that is directly linked to our health, environment, and future. 

The new courses will diversify UniAthena’s current offering of 350+ short courses that are available for six learning levels, namely, Basics, Essentials, Mastering, Diploma, Executive Diploma, and MBA Essentials.

Reports suggest that buildings are the second largest energy-consuming structures after industries. Hence, energy efficiency is crucial to maintaining healthy and comfortable living conditions in our habitats. A building can be said to be energy-efficient if its operations result in less energy consumption and waste generation. These operations account for the complete lifecycle of a building, right from its construction to demolition. In light of the energy crisis and ongoing global warming, there's a need to be aware of the systemic and design-related parameters that contribute to the making of a building. 

The above-mentioned courses take an in-depth look at the three key factors that influence the overall building performance and efficiency. Heat, light, and energy sources have a profound impact on the internal and external functioning of a building. Naturally, they also affect the liveability conditions and comfort. Hence, the courses provide learners with insights into their associated phenomena, such as climate analysis, thermal comfort, artificial lighting, climate-responsive design, energy optimization, and renewable energy sources.

With its Sustainable Construction Practices courses, UniAthena hopes to cater to professionals working in a variety of domains. The courses will better equip construction sector professionals with the regulatory standards and benchmarks set for a particular type of building and climate. This, in turn, will put them in a position to choose the most efficient materials and appliances. For interior designers and design engineers, the courses provide integrated building design methodologies along with relevant case studies. Additionally, environmentalists, architects, building project coordinators, electrical engineers, CAD technicians, energy auditors, facility managers, and policymakers can also benefit from the course learning.

For more information on the Sustainable Construction Practices courses, please visit the Short Course section on our website.


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