UniAthena to Roll Out Short Courses for Cyber Law Aspirants

Short Courses for Cyber Law Aspirants Vishwajeet Gudadhe  |   2 mins read July 16, 2022 | 256 eye icon

UniAthena is pleased to launch a new set of free learning short courses on Cyber Law, a dynamic field to study as the world goes towards rapid digitalization. The courses are set to diversify UniAthena's existing portfolio of 400+ short courses that span across five categories-Basics, Essentials, Mastering, Diploma, and Executive Diploma. 

Cyber law is a discipline of law that deals with issues regarding the use of the internet, social media, and other telecommunications technologies. This includes civil as well as criminal provisions against violations of rules related to freedom of speech, data security, protection of personal information, intellectual property rights, maintenance of data by service providers, e-commerce, cyber-attacks, harassment, and others. Thus, the ever-increasing exposure to the internet calls for a need to be aware of the legal aspects of cyberspace. 

The aforenamed courses are split into five categories based on their skill areas. While the Basics are for those seeking elementary knowledge of the internet and data governance, the Mastering courses are ideal for those wishing to explore the legalities of e-commerce and cyber crimes. The Diplomas are intensive, deeply-structured courses that build upon the foundation laid by the foundational courses. They delve deeper into the subtleties of cyber laws regarding privacy, intellectual property rights, consumer protection, and contemporary global developments.

UniAthena intends to meet the needs of various professionals across industries with cyber law courses. With these courses, individuals can know their rights as digital citizens and be aware of the legal remedies available to them in cases of cyber crimes. For businesses, the courses act as a window to the world of e-commerce. They can get insights into the legalities of various e-commerce verticals, such as online contracts, payment systems, consumer protection, and lots more. Finally, those wishing for a specialized career in cyber law can pursue these certifications to build a solid understanding of cyberspace. There are lucrative positions such as cyber lawyers, legal advisors, research assistants, and security auditors that make up for a promising career.

For more information on the cyber law courses, please visit the Short Course section on our website.


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