How to Build a Successful EHS Career in Africa?

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15 May, 2024

From Cairo to Cape Town, the demand for EHS professionals is on the rise across Africa. As more and more industries realise the importance of the Environment, Health and Safety, this demand will only grow. So if you are curious about the up-and-coming professional roles in Environment, Health and Safety and are wondering whether you can carve a place out for yourself in it, then this article is for you.

But before we get into that let’s understand why EHS is important. Environment, Health and Safety, helps ensure safety in the workplace while prioritizing environmental well-being. In fact, according to the HSI 2024 Global EHS Readiness Report, 88.3% of organizations have reported falling behind in the EHS process due to the lack of EHS professionals.

You can fill that gap by getting the EHS Manager certification and becoming an EHS Manager, EHS Supervisor, EHS Specialist, and more. While these are some common career paths those are not your only options. There are plenty of new roles and opportunities today that didn’t exist before.

Up-and-Coming Professional EHS Roles in African Countries

If you want to build a rewarding career for yourself after completing your EHS course here are some new opportunities for you.

Renewable Energy Specialist

Many industries have started opting for renewable energy options to power their factories and machines. But as renewable energy is still a new concept, there aren’t many experts or specialists in the field. This means that there is a demand for Renewable Energy Specialists which can only be filled by professionals with Environment, Health and Safety certifications.

So if you want to become part of the EHS field, studying renewable energy can be a great idea.

E-Waste Management Specialist 

Another up-and-coming role for EHS professionals is the role of E-Waste Management Specialist. While Waste Management Specialists are in charge of all types of waste material, E-Waste Management professionals only focus on electronic waste.

The demand for this role has been increasing in the past few years as organizations like the E-waste Producer Responsibility Organisation in Nigeria and the International E-waste Management Network based in the USA have been hiring professionals with this speciality.

Occupational Hygiene Specialist 

If your interest lies in the health aspect of Environment, Health and Safety then this is the role for you. An Occupational Hygiene Specialist is responsible for maintaining hygienic conditions in a workplace. They must identify problem areas in the workplace and work on implementing health control measures to reduce the risk of illness among employees.

As an Occupational Hygiene Specialist, you will find yourself working with chemical, physical, biological, and ergonomic agents in various industries. This means that you might find yourself working in close contact with harmful liquids, radiation, bacteria, and more.

Steps to Become an Environment, Health and Safety Professional

Depending on the role you want to pursue your specialization will differ. Nevertheless, you will need to complete a basic level of specialised education. To put it all in perspective, here are the steps you will follow to build yourself a career in EHS:

  • Earn a Bachelor’s degree with a major in Health and Safety, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, or any other relevant branch of Science.
  • Get an EHS professional certification either online or offline. You can get your certification online for free from UniAthena.
  • Gain some industry experience with some entry-level jobs.
  • Apply for EHS roles in the organization of your choice.
  • Continue learning on the job and when necessary upskill yourself with EHS courses online.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for lucrative professional opportunities with Environment, Health and Safety certifications, UniAthena offers some great options worth considering. Earn your Diploma In Environment, Health And Safety Management today. Start your free learning journey now and give yourself an advantage over your peers in the field.

Urvi Malusare
Content Writer



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