High Demand Jobs for Women in Saudi Arabia (Vision 2030)

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06 May, 2024
  • Introduction
  • Vision 2030: A Transformative Shift in Saudi Arabia's Economy
  • High Demand Jobs for Women in Saudi Arabia
  • Healthcare
    • Diploma in Healthcare Management
  • Technology
    • Diploma in Data Analytics
    • Diploma in Microsoft Excel
    • Basics of Digital Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Mastering Human Resource Management
    • Executive Diploma in Business Communication
  • Conclusion
  • Bonus Points


Amidst the sweeping social and economic reforms under Saudi Arabia's ambitious Vision 2030, the role of women in the workforce has been both celebrated and encouraged. This agenda aims to transform. It not only aims to diversify the economy but also aims to get more women to join many sectors. As a result, new doors are opening for women across the kingdom, presenting opportunities in fields that were once limited. Understanding these emerging trends, women must aim to advance their careers in this changing landscape. Whether it’s in healthcare, technology, or entrepreneurship, the high demand for women is rapidly changing women's work and is adding to the nation’s economic growth.

Vision 2030: A Transformative Shift in Saudi Arabia's Economy

Vision 2030 is a strategic framework to reduce  Saudi Arabia's dependence on oil. It aims to diversify the economy and grow public services such as health, education, infrastructure, and tourism. This vision is about empowering women, a significant change from past norms. The initiative has two aims. The first is to raise women's participation in the workforce from 22% to 30%. The second is to give them more chances for leadership in many sectors. This reform opens a new chapter for women, empowering them to be key contributors to the kingdom's economy. Job creation, improved social services, and an increased focus on innovation and entrepreneurship are core pillars of this transformation.

High Demand Jobs for Women in Saudi Arabia

Under Vision 2030, several sectors are witnessing exponential growth and are actively encouraging female participation. Here are some of the sectors where jobs are in high demand for women:


Healthcare in Saudi Arabia is growing fast, and the government is investing heavily in new medical facilities and clinics. This growth is creating many opportunities for women, not only in caregiving roles but also in fields such as gynecology, pediatrics, and nursing. Also, there is a growing demand for women in healthcare management and administrative roles, thereby reflecting a broader trend toward gender inclusivity in healthcare leadership. Women are empathetic and nurturing, and coupled with these technical and administrative skills make them great in these positions. There are many online platforms that offer an array of high-demand courses, with UniAthena being one of them. Gain insights about some of the most high-demand courses and upskill yourself.

  • Diploma in Healthcare Management

Today's healthcare landscape demands adaptability and strategic thinking. Our Diploma in Healthcare will equip you with the essential knowledge you need to excel in healthcare administration. You will do this by learning strategic planning and budget optimization. You'll also get key insights into healthcare policies and will learn about wellness initiatives and fostering healthy communities. 
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Saudi Arabia's tech industry is growing and has been strengthened by Vision 2030's digital transformation goals. The industry offers many opportunities for skilled professionals, especially women. Demand for AI, Data Analytics, and software development is increasing and the kingdom is fostering a good environment for women to excel in these fields.

  • Diploma in Data Analytics

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  • Diploma in Microsoft Excel

With our course on Diploma in Microsoft Excel you will learn to transform your data handling skills! It will equip you with covering advanced formulas, pivot tables, charts, and data organization. You will gain insights into essential functions for calculations, formatting, sorting, filtering, and more. 
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  • Basics of Digital Marketing

Our Basics of Digital Marketing explores the evolution of digital marketing. You will learn about its advantages over traditional methods and will have an understanding of its basic tools, including search engine optimization and social media marketing. This course will equip you to boost sales with digital strategies 
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Vision 2030 supports small and medium-sized enterprises.It encourages entrepreneurial ventures, especially those led by women.  There has been a noticeable increase in female-led businesses, driven by reforms that make it easier to access funding, mentoring, and business networks. Women are starting companies in diverse fields including e-commerce, culinary arts and many more. This trend shows their growing influence in business.

  • Mastering Human Resource Management

This Mastering Human Resource Management covers recruitment strategies, performance appraisal, leadership styles, and motivation. Learn to develop HR strategies that match your organization's goals. These strategies boost productivity, employee engagement, and long-term maintenance. 
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  • Executive Diploma in Business Communication

This Executive Diploma in Business Communication will equip you to gain interpersonal communication, cross-cultural understanding, report writing, group dynamics, conflict resolution, and meeting efficiency. The course gives you a competitive edge in interviews and job communication. It will help you to gain the confidence and clarity you need to succeed in diverse settings. 
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With the government's backing, sectors like healthcare, technology, and business, have seen substantial growth and the rising demand for female professionals. These industries offer many opportunities for women, including leadership roles that were once seen as unconventional for them. Additionally, remote work options have also gained momentum, making it easier for women to balance work and life while contributing to the labor market.

The above-mentioned programs improve skills and provide the tools women need to thrive in these in-demand roles. These programs are designed to groom professionals for the current job market and also equip them with skills for future leadership in their fields.

At its core, Vision 2030 sets a firm base for economic innovation and a stage for societal change in Saudi Arabia. It has created an era of unprecedented opportunities for women. The number of vacancies is growing in diverse fields and this growth implies a bright future for female workers. As these trends continue to evolve, the job market for women in Saudi Arabia looks very promising and will surely help the economic goals of Vision 2030.

Bonus Points:

  • Vision 2030 empowers women in the workforce, opening doors to diverse fields and fostering career advancement.
  • Women's growing presence in leadership positions strengthens the economy and promotes inclusivity.
  • Upskilling through specialized training programs boosts women's qualifications and aligns with Vision 2030's goals for female empowerment.
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Content Writer



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