E-learning - The Next Big Thing in Higher Education

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07 October, 2022

For most people, higher education has largely involved taking student loans, attending classes at unfavourable hours and adjusting one’s educational preferences as per one’s resources. As the pandemic swept the globe, education providers from nursery to graduate level scrambled to offer online classes. This shifted online learning from a niche preference to the new normal. Whether you find it to be a blessing or a burden, we at UniAthena firmly believe that online learning is here to stay. And this is why.

  • Learn More, Pay Less

We live in a world of enduring student loans and rising living costs, so people are eagerly looking for ways to optimise their spending wherever they can. When Online Learning Platforms like UniAthena are offering quality, accredited Academic Programmes and Short Courses for little to no cost (with exceptional payment flexibility that universities and colleges shy away from providing), there is no incentive to continue with traditional learning institutions. Online learning has made higher education more feasible and affordable for the masses, even those without a college fund.

  • Learn Wherever & Whenever You Please

Whether it is pandemic curfews, travel restrictions, or simply life commitments, it is clear that not everyone has the privilege to drop everything and travel abroad for education. Others may not be able to find their dream programme in their home country. In such cases, Online Learning is the all-inclusive solution. As long as you have a computer, an internet connection, and a thirst for knowledge, you can learn whatever you want from wherever you are. In the history of the world, this is a monumental first step towards accelerating the spread of knowledge.

  • Death to Fixed Schedules

In the era of Upskilling, no one has the time to attend lessons from 8 AM to 6 PM. Students, especially working professionals, are juggling their higher education with a myriad of other responsibilities. Some can only afford to study in the early hours of the morning, while others learn late into the night. Some others can study only while commuting, during lunch breaks or an afternoon off work. Online learning platforms, UniAthena included, provide learners with unprecedented freedom and control over their study hours. With recorded lectures, online academic materials, and personalised tutor support, students study what they want-when they want. 

Even in a world post COVID, it is evident that online learning holds too many advantages over traditional higher education to go out of style. We at UniAthena welcome this change to accessible, affordable, and flexible learning. Get on board with the new normal of Online Learning platforms and upskill today!


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