Business Wisdom On-The-Record: All-new “UniAthena Insights” Podcasts are Now Airing!

Press Release
23 March, 2023

25th March, 2022: UniAthena has kicked-off its maiden Podcast Series “UniAthena Insights” which will air bi-weekly from the 21st of March on the Spotify channel.

As a part of this refreshing initiative, UniAthena’s business-probing sleuths and Podcast Hosts Nithish & Nithin will investigate everything and anything that’s buzzing in and around the business world. 

Every UniAthena Insights episode will focus on the current burning questions in the corporate landscapes and at entrepreneurship desks under the Podcast segment “Hold That Thought!” 

The “That’s Blazing but it’s Burning Too” segment will bring forth the latest Skilling up scoops for Entrepreneurs and Working Professionals alike! UniAthena Insights will also feature special episodes on Business Branding, Personality Development and more. 

Nithish & Nithin intend to crack open business challenges by holding exciting Q&A-styled conversations with global industry scholars, educators, business leaders and entrepreneurs, along with UniAthena’s leading faculty and enthusiastic learners! This being a cross-functional podcast, the listeners can tune in for an all-embracing, wising-up experience like no other podcast in the domain. 

Speaking at the 21st March UniAthena Insights’ pilot episode, Guest Speaker Mario Brazzoli, a seasoned Transformational HR Manager, with 17 years of industry experience and also one of the students of UniAthena’s IDBA batch of 2021 said, “This is an exceptional initiative by UniAthena and am privileged to join one of the very first podcasts discussing the current-day Global HR challenges like the Great Resignation, managing Layoffs and working in a Multicultural workspace. I strongly believe the present industry context is opening up more and more opportunities to upskill and re-skill and an individual’s core task, as on-date, is to essentially evolve and future-proof himself or herself on the job front.” 

Mario also went on to underline how business sustainability is an important dynamic that impacts HR decision-making while taking the call on workforce reduction.  

The entire half-an-hour duration Podcast session led by Nithish & Nithin provided an invigorating take on the many business puzzles, with a discussion-based resolution approach!

Super-proud to share that UniAthena Insights seeks to bring more Thought Leadership on the record, bi-weekly, so that the listeners can make more prudent business and career choices, every time, from now on.

Listen to the UniAthena Insights Podcast on Spotify:


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