Making the Mark: Know These Business Leadership Trends for 2023

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31 May, 2023

As quoted by the French reformist Napoleon Bonaparte - “A Leader is a dealer in hope".

During Covid-19, global businesses had to shut shops & the sales numbers touched rock bottom. In this bleak scenario, top bosses (still) managed to keep their businesses afloat! Most reworked their financial plans & even business processes for adaptive survival. Remote work became a norm! 

But as the Covid waves subsided, the economy quickly returned to its original growth frenzy. This time, the new digital players clashed against the old establishments. Hence, we decided to sneak peek into the 2023 Business Leadership trends to understand how dynamic corporate leaders, post-Covid, are winning the day. 

Look Up to These 4 Business Leadership Trends in 2023  

What business rule can apply to what situation can be a bit of a puzzle for those comparing and contrasting with the competition. Hence, we narrowed down 4 Business Leadership Skills in 2023 that are proving more important than ever. 

  • Securing the Gen Z

    Gen Z say they lack the smarts, apart from their education, to keep up with a job! The generational gap is a source of anxiety for the new workforce and career insecurity is draining away peak performances too. Hence HR Leaders are constantly redefining the parameters of professionalism for young workers. HR Heads are distributing Connection Preference Evaluations at the 2023 workplace - enquiring whether Gen Z prefer to go out for "Group Lunch Meets" or demand "Internal Training hours" to forge that connection with their fellow employees. 

  • Getting Work Ethics sorted 

    In order to make their work profile succeed faster, many 2023 professionals are being lured by unethical bonuses and commissions. This “Midas touch” habit is compelling employees to focus on short-term gains, putting the work teams collective good at risk. Hence, businesses in 2023 are putting more stress on transparency and ethical actions at work. The Business Leadership bears the onus of this (more so) as all the employees look up to senior leadership within an organization!

  • The DEI Approach

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Initiatives have found their home in Business Thought Leadership. In 2023, non-traditional hirings are getting a leg-up. The Business Leadership is driving non-divisive workforce initiatives by giving way to group-focused communications, personalized internal dialogues, and equal opportunities for employee “upskilling." 

  • Positive Remote Team Management 

    Remote work culture has brought in many managerial and leadership challenges. During an in-person team meeting, if an employee was “physically present, mentally absent” in the room, a business leader could single him out. The same can be applied to online communication as well. In 2023, Business Leaders are getting into the shoes of online employees to understand dormant online participation, virtual interpersonal disagreements, cyber-alienation in group chats & emails, and more.


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