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"My experience of Covid-19 has been life-changing as I have never gone through such a crisis before."

Riki Miyasato
Gaming Surveillance Officer
Resorts World At Sentosa Pte.Ltd

MBA in General Management Batch 2022

Adjusting to the “New Normal”

The topic I am presently interested in is the “New Normal.” "New Normal" can be defined as the new state in which the economy and society have changed after a crisis. It is widely used in media nowadays, and it is time for us to think about what would define a "new era" after a major crisis like Covid-19. Nevertheless, it seems normal that people are afraid of what is coming next and not being logical enough to respond to the crisis. Therefore, I would like to dig into this topic. 

The main reason I chose this topic is that we have been experiencing the Covid-19 era since the beginning of 2020, and it continues with different types of variants. However, it seems that no one can predict when it is going to end and what is going to come in the post-Covid 19 period with precise data. In addition, it is high time for the next business leaders like us to prepare and analyze what kind of business will succeed in the midst of a major crisis like this to make a tremendous impact on our society and to contribute our knowledge. Granted, it is impossible to be perfect. However, it is worth trying to foresee what might come and utilize business opportunities. 

As Covid-19 spreads all over the world, the economy has been adversely affected; for example, the hotel and hospitality industry has experienced huge profit drops and so have other sectors. Most people did not expect this pandemic to be a big deal in the first place, and it allowed us to see how major leaders in different kinds of organizations reacted to the crisis. By analyzing their behavior, we can understand how different types of leadership and decisions can change our normal daily lives. 

My experience of Covid-19 has been life-changing. After moving from Japan to Singapore, I experienced the first Covid-19 impact. There was a time that I could not report to go to work for 3 months because management decided to close down work facilities. I have never experienced such a crisis in my life, so I  panicked for a while, but I told myself that there is a new era coming and therefore, I needed to adjust myself to survive. 

However, my limited knowledge cannot preciously tell me what should be the next effective steps to take. I felt that some people are taking advantage of this crisis to grab business opportunities even though the majority of the people are suffering. I am keen to know what differentiates these two kinds of people; it could be mindset, knowledge, values or they have their own theories. 

Ultimately, I would like to conclude the MBA program at UniAthena with my definition of "New Normal" in relation to my personal life, career, society, and others. Since I have started this MBA program, I cannot go back to the old status quo. Thus, I have to see how the ‘New Normal’ will determine my future by garnering new knowledge via this program and applying it to the real world. Through trial and error, I will know what works and what won't. By doing so, this MBA program will help me to stride ahead in life.

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