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"Whenever I feel tired and want to give up, I tell myself that success is in front of you, just believe in yourself, keep on moving and when you open that door, it's all worth it"

Nicole Yuen
Assistant Manager
AIA Singapore

MBA in General Management Batch 2021

My Life Experiences

Whenever people talk about life experiences, the first thought that comes to my mind is that everyone has different life experiences. I strongly believe that. Therefore, what I am going to narrate here is just a small part of what I have gone through in my life. I hope this article inspires everyone.

I am Nicole Yuen from Malaysia. I come from a single-parent family. As a result, I grew up in a very complicated family environment. My lifestyle didn't undergo a big change until my mother divorced when I was only 12. Looking back, I remembered how helpless we were, like a "street mouse", scolded, ridiculed, and despised by people around us. As a child, I had to become more independent and rational than other kids because I wanted to change our lifestyle and protect my family members. I grew up fast.

 I started working when I was 13. After school and on weekends, I worked in a fashion store which was my first job in the sales industry. I had been working since I was a teenager because I did not want to depend on my mother. I knew it was extremely difficult for her to raise up to three children on her meagre income. I saw that she was exhausted and struggling to take care of us after work hours. Once I started working, I was able to reduce her financial burden. During that period of time, I had to force myself to be a multitasker, studying part-time at college and working hard. 

That time of my life was really tough. I don’t know how many times I wanted to give up but whenever I thought of my family, especially my mother, I held on.  I would continue to fight and achieve my goals. My family is my greatest weakness but on the other hand, it is my biggest spiritual pillar to break down every obstacle and challenge and forge ahead. Finally, I completed my bachelor's degree with a never-give-up spirit. After that, I was able to change my family’s quality of life and the people around us did not look down on us anymore. That was the best gift I had ever given to my mother.

In conclusion, I would like to say that everyone has their own unforgettable experience which shapes them. When you are in pain, please look towards people whom you love. Also, there are some people who are in a worse situation than us. Life is like a game, even if one part of the game is over, it doesn’t mean it is really over and as long as we don't give up and keep moving forward, our success will bring us bright, happy days. In fact, success is only one step away. Someone once said to me, 'The closer you get to success, that is the easiest time to fail, and the more time you lose, because this stage is the hardest to break as it challenges your mind, and many people will self-doubt the last choice to give up and get lost in their hearts'. It's very inspiring for me because whenever I feel tired and want to give up, I tell myself that success is in front of you, just believe in yourself, keep on moving and when you open that door, it's all worth it.

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