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"I believe the Certified Manager program will equip me with the right skills and competencies to help people and organizations."

Ndeye Samb
Account Assistant
YBS & Partner
United Kingdom

Certified Manager Batch 2020

What motivated me to go for the Certified Manager program

Leadership and human resource management have always captivated me. Being closely connected to Africa where political stability and good relations with political leaders are considered a luxury, I have seen the importance of both leadership and capital management in providing a safer future. This makes me feel the need to acquire a wider knowledge about multifaceted relations among States, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations regarding problems that affect the world’s stability, like terrorism, climate change, nuclear proliferation, internal and inter-State conflicts.
I am a positive, self-motivated, professional, and enthusiastic person who feels most comfortable in a role where leadership and management are very much part of everyday working life. I have applied for this course (Certified Manager) because I feel strongly that I possess the necessary skills, qualities and attributes to not only work successfully in the world of international relations, but also help countries in Africa move forward positively and innovatively through effective leadership and avoidance of  conflicts.
Being committed and passionate about providing mediation between people and organizations has been reflected in the results achieved. I believe this program will equip me with the right skills and competencies to help people and organizations around the world to be more solution-focused.
Building positive relationships with people has always been a passion of mine. This incites me to maintain great connections, motivate  people and build trust through recognition, praise and reinforcement of positive behaviours and completion of tasks, and encouraging stretching of goals.
I am proactively developing in-depth knowledge of the different types of leaders and understanding what mostly differentiates leaders from managers by reading books and following news. I believe that this will help me in this program to easily grasp the theories and practices in the field of management and leadership.
Being experienced in dealing with a wide range of diverse people makes me comprehend complex information and rapport between people. This has also evoked my interest to learn in depth about the good practices I experienced in France and the UK. Learning about democracy is something that has especially interested me. I am a strong supporter of forms of proportional elections and I believe that they are crucial to maintaining peace and stability. Also, I am keen to study relationships between Third World countries and the developed world.
As a hard-working, resourceful individual, I excel when negotiating deals, motivating, and leading others in a team and finding creative solutions to strategy-related issues. All this gives me a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in my work.

Functioning with diverse clients and colleagues in a variety of industries has given me a wide and varied insight into the complex aspects of social situations and human resource development.

My ultimate dream after this program is to be able to help companies in Senegal in particular and Africa, in general, to understand their main issues in terms of management and leadership. With a leadership of excellence, countries should encourage peace, dialogue and most importantly invest in training their people to become more effective and efficient to be the change they dream of.

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