Fast Forwarding With Top Five Industry Applications of ChatGPT!

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12 April, 2023

Peep into the historical timeline! The first Chatbot to appear in the 1960s was the rudimentary "ELIZA," which gave script-based answers to simple typed questions. When the smartphone and AI boom happened from 2010 - 2016, it brought with it the Facebook Messenger App bot and its wise Product recommendations into the picture!

But as technology advanced, so did the AI Chatbot. It became more human-like! It officially began to grasp the nuances of sentiments and texts. That's how the super capable and popular ChatGPT arrived…consequently! 

And today, everyone's suddenly curious to take a look into the Industry Applications of ChatGPT...

But, What is the Big Use of “ChatGPT” in the Industry? 

  • ChatGPT is the most successful experiment in advanced text generation AI to date that can create human-like text!!
  • ChatGPT is simply “conversational” Artificial Intelligence (AI) co-created by OpenAI and Microsoft.
  • “ChatGPT” can help you decide the next best words to finish your sentences. It can be your brainstorming buddy to come up with your next business plan of action and define unknown terms as well. It can even find you new ideas for engaging with customers and assist with coding. 
  • ChatGPT can provide infinite scalability to your business operations by reducing costs, offering personalized experiences and reducing response times!!
  • ChatGPT Use Cases in Industries Around the Globe.

Did you know ChatGPT was the fastest app ever to reach 1 Million users in mere five days? It has already crossed 100 Million Active Users in January 2023! 

Since its release, ChatGPT has been adopted by almost 50% of the US companies and 93% of these organizations are planning to amplify its usage this year. (Source:   

Know the potential applications of ChatGPT and its significant impact on  various proactive businesses and industries worldwide:

  • Healthcare: Healthcare Professionals want the best of the best in patient experience deliveries! ChatGPT & its generative AI capabilities can work wonders in processing large amounts of patient data like family history, symptoms and prescribed medications faster and better - to craft one step ahead of hospital and patient experiences. More uses?
    • ChatGPT can create virtual symptom checkers to assist patients in self-identifying their possible health issues. 
    • The tool can also help patients by setting up “Medication Reminders” for them, listing down the dosage instructions and warning against potential side effects!
    • Doctors can automate their patient interaction process and pull out their medical history as well as lab reports using ChatGPT.
  • Agriculture: ChatGPT can give on-spot advisory services to the global agricultural community. The ChatGPT text generation model can provide intelligent judgements about crop management and the selection of plant protection chemicals & organic manures. In addition, you can plan the budgets, do a cost-benefit analysis on different crop system models, build new prototypes &  more.  Also, if you want to perfect an agricultural technique, ChatGPT can help you to draw data deductions from disparate sources like weather reports, soil samples, market prices and help farmers make wiser decisions!
  • Marketing: You can deliver hyper-personalized marketing experiences with ChatGPT! It can help you, as a digital marketer,  to generate more creative ideas and marketing strategies, slice and dice customer data, draft killer copies for compelling conversations and even build the marketing plan as you like! ChatGPT can even be combined with the Lead Scoring System to zoom in on Hot Leads. Without a Program, ChatGPT’s direct usage can also help tap into website visitor interactions, total social media likes & shares and get out “Scores” on an N-number of factors - that a digital marketer wants to dive into! ChatGPT can make sense of consumer behavior patterns and make deductive Email Lists and Emails that can hit your Marketing Email reader’s Preferences and Interests spot on! It can also use Data to deduce the best Ad Campaign formats, with creative elements et al. 
  • Finance: ChatGPT is an expert in financial calculations! ChatGPT can help in automating calculations, like doing the math on loan payments and planning investment returns. ChatGPT can delve into financial statements and tap into trends and patterns with a faster speed than any human ever can! It can tell you which variables are crucial for financial modeling. The best part? ChatGPT can automatically enter Data into Excel models with zero errors! This, in turn, can help with the automation of the Summary and Financial Report Generation as well.  
  • Travel: Choosing ChatGPT over Google is better when “Searching for the Best Hotels in a Particular Region.” The responses are more clear and concise! It also offers AI-powered immediate Translation Services that can negotiate with hosts and car rental businesses who speak in different dialects. You can plan your personalized itinerary, take  post-booking support, read reviews, or, as a travel business, indulge in content creation & aggregation too. Travel companies can also optimize their operational tasks and save time, money and resources by automating their travel planning and customer service process flows at the business level. 
  • Manufacturing: When it comes to the manufacturing processes, ChatGPT can help on-ground with predictive maintenance schedules and quality control-detecting inconsistencies. It can assist employees on the shop floor with its abridged and ready technical documentation and manuals - ChatGPT can summarize large data volumes quickly! ChatGPT can take in the natural language inputs, such as voice commands from the users and output them as actionable steps for machines and manufacturing robots. 
  • Construction: If you're stuck on a technical issue in Construction, you can shoot your queries to ChatGPT! You can ask ChatGPT questions like, “Methods of Roof Waterproofing for my Row House!” On getting your answer, you can even request ChatGPT to re-give the response, provide more details and more. If you need help with the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for your new construction project, you can order ChatGPT for point-wise detailing! ChatGPT can also go through construction plan blueprints and make cost estimations about the materials and labor requirements. 

You can explore ChatGPT here:


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