Our Academic Programs comprise Doctoral and Master Level Degrees/Diplomas. The courses include MBA programs from Guglielmo Marconi University, Italy , Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia, Spain, Abertay University, UK and Carolina University. Our Academic Programs are equivalent to Level 7 or Level 8 of European Qualification Level, and are globally recognised. With a focus on creating a system of affordable higher education, we provide affordable online programs to learners all over the world.

Micro Credits

Micro credits programs are designed to allow learners to develop skills and knowledge in a specific domain or a subject in a relatively shorter span of time. Our certification programs are being offered by Royal Charter backed Chartered Management Institute, UK and other reputed professional bodies like Cambridge International Qualifications, UK and Scottish Qualifications Authority, UK.

Short Courses

A plethora of short courses to enable you to acquire specialized knowledge in a field of your choice. Ranging from 5 hours to 90 hours, pick a course based on the breadth and depth of learning you are looking for. These courses are free and can be completed at your own pace.