Ways of Giving Back to Your Community

Ways of Giving Back Belinda Gaes  |   2 mins read August 3, 2022 | 54 eye icon

Whenever people think about giving back to their community, they immediately think of money and lose interest, as they might not have the financial means to give back to their communities. There are many ways one can give back to the community without causing a greater burden to themselves.

This article focuses on different ways you can give back to the community.

  • Financial Support

Supporting local businesses and purchasing their products goes a long way in enabling the sustainability of the businesses. Donating money to charities enables them to carry out their planned activities. 

  • Donating Assets/Inventory

Donating idle assets, clothes, or any items you no longer require could provide others with assets or the option to sell your unused items to raise cash.

  • Volunteering your time 

 Charities mostly do not have sufficient funds to employ staff, and volunteering fills the gaps that are needed to carry out activities. 

  • Promote charities and local Businesses

 Small businesses and charities often struggle to reach the intended audience as they cannot afford extensive advertising. Sharing on your socials could benefit them immensely in reaching a wider audience.

  • Organized Group clean ups

 Coming together as a group to clean up your area not only helps in keeping the environment clean, but can be a lot of fun as well.

  • Recycling

If everyone played their role in keeping the environment clean by recycling, reusing, and reducing waste, a lot of resources that could have been pumped into sustaining the environment could then be redirected to other initiatives to benefit the community.

Small businesses and NGOs mostly close as they cannot sustain themselves, and playing a role in preserving the environment and the organizations not only benefits them, but also makes you feel good about making a difference. When small businesses close, the market is infiltrated by multi-million dollar companies that do not care about the destruction of the environment in the process of making money, hence the need to sustain smaller organizations.

Giving back can come in many forms, and one should not think of what they are losing in giving back but rather the impact they are making on the community and sustaining it for your future generation to enjoy the fruits of being part of a community.

Belinda Gaes
Project Accountant
Integrated Rural Development Nature Conservation (IRDNC)
MBA in General Management- FastTrack
Batch 2022

I am a holder of a Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting from the University of Johannesburg. I started my career in accounting in 2014, while doing my degree in accounting. I am very passionate about learning and seek out any opportunities to better myself. I am currently a Project Accountant for Integrated Rural Development Nature Conservation (IRDNC) an NGO that deals with Community Based Resource Management.


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