Towards Green Office Spaces

29 February, 2024

Green is the color of NATURE! Green represents vigour, rejuvenation, and freshness. The Sustainable Economy has assigned each color to a challenge that we currently face globally. This article is not just reading material but aims to take a step towards making every workspace, whether big or small, more green and brighter. "Eco-consciousness is the term of the future. We all have many resolutions that need to be fulfilled with greater commitments and plans. But when we look at making “sustainability” a practice, it is just a modest effort that can lead to a green change for future generations. 

Let’s have a look around us while we read this article. What do we see? Your desk space has taken up almost every inch of your topmost priority, which is your goal. Imagine a small potted plant on your work desk, making your day calmer and stress-free. This potted plant needs very minimal care, apart from your topmost achievable goals. It’s the simplest thing that can be adopted, but are we really doing it?

Sustainability” in every aspect? Possible! Right from adopting sustainable business practices to adopting sustainable commercial design. If the change is adopted, we will be able to make a greater impact. Creativity and sustainability can be mutually reinforcing, as innovative thinking can lead to more sustainable solutions. Green office spaces promote employee health and productivity by providing a connection to nature, minimising indoor pollutants, and optimizing natural light. Additionally, businesses that adopt eco-friendly practices enhance their corporate image, attract environmentally conscious talent, and align themselves with the growing global emphasis on sustainability, thereby contributing positively to the community and the planet.

Why should you work in a green office? Because of the Green initiatives! Yes, they make a difference. Green initiatives can engage employees in a shared sense of purpose. Participating in sustainability programmes, such as recycling or energy conservation efforts, provides employees with a sense of pride and involvement.

Biophilic design in a green office space involves incorporating elements of nature into the workplace to create a more natural and harmonious environment. The concept is based on the idea that humans have an innate connection with nature, and integrating natural elements into the built environment can enhance well-being, productivity, and overall satisfaction.

Changes in very simple steps can help us incorporate and get closer to the natural elements like bamboo, wood, and stone. Replacing the plastic articles with recyclable items and using eco-friendly products. These replacements will turn that plastic on your work desk into a more earthy element! Let’s plan to make the most of this very moment and transform anything or everything near us into a new, innovative, nature-inspired item. Watch the love of nature unfold and return you twice the amount you invested! To start off, I will help you with some simple ideas.

🌿Add some greenery

🏞️Design outdoor office space with plants

♻️Switch to eco friendly items

🪴Add a plant to your work or office desk

🌊Incorporate water elements

🌾Incorporating natural materials in furniture, flooring,    and decor elements

🌱Using plants as dividers or screens between workspaces 

🌀Incorporate natural ventilation

🎶Introducing sounds of flowing water

🍃Incorporating organic shapes and patterns

Ankita Shrikrishna Jawalkar
Learning Facilitator



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