Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)-Improve Your Performance

i Col (Retd.) Anil Ahluwalia   |   3 mins read February 15, 2022 | 132 eye icon

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was developed by John Grinder, a linguist and Richard Bandler, a scientist and mathematician. The key elements of NLP are modelling, effective communication and concrete action. NLP is a tool to help human behaviour, using methods of personal development through a process of upskilling in the soft skill areas such as confidence building, establishing lasting relationships, helping effective communications, self-reflection,and others. It tackles the human paradigms and an individual’s map of perception versus reality, tries to detect, change unconscious biases and limitations to enrich the human mind map. The enrichment is done through conscious changes in an individual’s thoughts and behavioural actions through patterns of language that a person can understand.   

If you are curious about exploring yourself further by doing a realistic introspection, and generally want to improve your life, then the NLP techniques and tools will surely help you to practice and enrich your mind maps by increasing your self-belief, confidence and communication skills further.  The human mind is complex and life is a journey that follows a sinusoidal wave, with its regular ups and downs. The body is a slave of the mind. If the mind maps can be enhanced, you will start adding value to your life and experience by shedding inhibitions and establishing a good rapport with people around you. 

NLP suggests that establishing a rapport with others is extremely critical to developing a progressive relationship, which can help you in all walks of your life. When you develop a rapport with another person, you have the opportunity to enter their world and see things from their perspective, feel the way they do, and as a result, enhance the whole relationship. NLP talks of People Representational Systems, whereby humans usually fall into the representational systems of being visual (where you want to see things), auditory (where you want to hear about things), kinesthetic (where you want to feel things emotionally) and auditory-digital (where you apply logic to things). One of these four systems maybe your dominant representational system which NLP can help you find out, as well as how you can enter the world of another human mind’s representational system to establish rapport.   

NLP is a psychological approach to train one’s mindset to apply strategies to attain personal and professional goals. It is done through thoughts, language and adopting specific behaviour patterns to achieve specific outcomes. It also teaches methods of learning to adapt to change behaviour, remove phobias and biases, and increase one’s self-confidence and belief. 

Since its creation, NLP has been successfully used to change human behaviour in a variety of ways, such as treating anxieties, panic, phobias, communication issues, stress, depression, addictions, OCDs(Obsessive Compulsive Disorders),and others.  It has successfully helped people to improve their performance professionally and personally. If adopted correctly through an experiential learning understanding, NLP can change the way you look at things, overcome observed weaknesses, increase your self-confidence and help you make an effective communicator. 
Let us enter the world of NLP to help us be what we want to be.

Anil Ahluwalia
Academic Director
Westford Education Group

Col (Retd.) Anil Ahluwalia has more than 30 years of experience in the domain of Academic, Corporate, HR and Business Management Training Services and is acclaimed as an outstanding leader. The various training programs conducted by him have immensely benefited senior and junior management employees, managers, supervisors, front-liners and staff from various industries. Prof. Ahluwalia is presently spearheading conduct of all training courses for Westford School of Management in UAE, India, and other regions, as the Academic Director.


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