Interview with Miriam Siyamanyanga
Interview With Miriam Siyamanyanga

"Don’t stop until you reach your self-actualisation stage. Hard work yields good results.”

Miriam Siyamanyanga 
Shanghai Mixi Education Consultant

IMBA Batch 2020  

Please tell us something about yourself and your family.

I’m Miriam Siyamanyanga, a Zimbabwean national. I am 28 years old and currently residing and working in Shanghai, China. I am married and have a one and half year old daughter. I enjoy reading ,cooking and spending time with my family.

Can you tell us something about your work?. How has the pandemic impacted your industry?

I am in the education sector. My company helps schools around Shanghai assess their Chinese teachers, conduct training and source essential and appropriate curriculum to use. Yes, the pandemic has adversely affected the industries and all schools were closed till July. So, no new clients and the existing ones couldn’t continue because there was no business.

I am actually doing the business for my son and so I am keen to develop it. I always had the desire to create  generational wealth and knowing that my son would be well provided for in the future should anything happen to me, is enough to keep me going.

What do you think is in store for your industry, any new trends that are emerging and shaping the business?

Yes, right now, everyone is leaning towards working online, so we are trying to adjust to the change and exploring ways of penetrating that niche industry as well.

What was your reason for pursuing higher studies and why did you choose Athena Global Education?

I chose Athena Global Education because of its affordability and flexibility. I am an entrepreneur and I would like to learn as much as I can and to know as many things as I can, to avoid hiring people to do things that I don’t understand. Education will enable me to understand how to expand and be a better manager moving forward.

How do you manage Work-Life-Study balance?

It is hard mainly because I have a toddler at home who needs her mother, I have to be at work and also study. But I make sure that as soon as everyone goes to bed, I give myself a few hours to catch up with school work. It’s much more manageable with the help of my family.

Any socio-economic change that you think is affecting all the businesses?

Education, especially in developing countries, and economic growth of most countries.

We would like to know 1 thing that helps you manage all the work, study and family. What is the thing that keeps you going ?

My daughter. I want her to look at me and know she can do anything because her mother did so. I want her to understand the results of dedication and hard work.

As far as business is concerned, what/who has inspired you the most with respect to your career/profession?

I have been largely influenced by my local Chinese friends. They work  very hard and won’t stop until they attain their goals. So I hold their work ethic and drive in high esteem.

One advice that you cherish the most and would like to share with our readers

Don’t stop until you reach your self-actualisation stage. Hard work yields good results.


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