How to Become a Supply Chain Specialist in 2024

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10 July, 2024

Table of Contents

  • How Do You Become a Supply Chain Specialist?
    • Skills Required to Become a Supply Chain Specialist
    • Education For Supply Chain Management
    • Work Experience Needed to Become a Supply Chain Management Specialist
  • What Does a Supply Chain Specialist Do?
  • Conclusion
  • Bonus Points

When you place an order on Amazon, do you know why it takes a certain amount of days to reach your doorstep? It’s not about how far the seller is located from your house that matters but the steps in the supply chain and the behind-the-scenes process of Amazon deliveries. There is one genius known as the Supply Chain Specialist behind all this.

If you find this role fascinating and want to enter the world of Supply Chain Management (SCM) let’s see how to do that.

How Do You Become a Supply Chain Specialist?

You cannot become a Supply Chain Management specialist overnight. There are certain skills you need to develop, certain education you must get, and certain experience you need to gain.

Skills Required to Become a Supply Chain Specialist

  • Data Analysis: Supply Chain and Logistics Management specialists need to be well-versed in Data as it will help them improve the performance of the Supply Chain while also maintaining sustainability.
  • Soft Skills: Supply Chain courses will teach you the technical things but you also need to work on your soft skills like Communication, Leadership, Organization, Time Management, and more.
  • Negotiation: As a certified Supply Chain Specialist, you must be a good negotiator. You will be responsible for negotiating with suppliers and vendors for the best prices at the best value.

Education For Supply Chain Management

It's best to start out with at least a Bachelor’s degree. Then with that acting as a foundation, you can do a free course for Supply Chain and Logistics online from UniAthena.

  • Diploma In Supply Chain Management: This is a free learning course that covers the basics of SCM at the beginner level. You can learn Supply Chain processes and strategies in just 2 weeks with this program.
  • Mastering Supply Chain Management: If you are after an international certification, this course is ideal for you. Get your online Supply Chain Management certificate from Cambridge International Qualifications, UK. Learn about the goals of SCM, risk management, and challenges faced during operations.
  • Executive Diploma in Supply Chain & Logistics in Global Context: For Global Supply Chain Management aspirants this is the ideal course. Learn about Globalization and how it affects the supply chain along with the importance of the E-supply chain system.

Work Experience Needed to Become a Supply Chain Management Specialist

Once you have the skills and knowledge from doing your Supply Chain Management Masters or free courses, you need to gain some work experience in the industry.

Here are some entry-level positions you can apply for:

  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Sourcing Executive
  • Supply Chain Executive
  • Operations Executive
  • Executive Supply Planner
  • Programme Coordinator
  • Operations Analyst
  • Operations Coordinator
  • Strategic Sourcing Executive

What Does a Supply Chain Specialist Do?

Here are some common responsibilities of a Supply Chain and Logistics Specialist:

  • Understand company policies and ensure all requirements are met.
  • Ensure problems in the Supply Chain are spotted and solutions are implemented.
  • Meet all delivery deadlines and ensure accuracy with the shipment.
  • Ensure all KPIs are met.
  • Supervise various shipments and collaborate with multiple departments and vendors.
  • Be in touch with various suppliers and vendors to ensure there is always a healthy inventory maintained.


In order for you to become qualified for carrying out all these responsibilities and more you must enroll in an online Supply Chain Management course with UniAthena. These short courses are free to learn and even provide you with certifications to add to your credibility.

Explore your options and become a Supply Chain Specialist in no time!

Bonus Points

  • Supply Chain Management is a vast field. You can also do specialized courses like Logistics Management or Procurement and Contract Management to get better job opportunities.
  • Other high-paying roles you can go for include Production Planner, Facilities Manager, Logistics Manager, and Supply Chain Manager.
  • Having a strong foundation in Mathematics will be extremely helpful if you are stepping into a Global Supply Chain Management role.


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