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Flexibility and support are the key strengths
The modules are easy to access and I can find my own time to work on them. Flexibility and support are the most important hallmarks of Athena.


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Manage "Yes, it IS all about ME !! How the Me statements affect consumer engagement"
Customer engagement is no longer limited to sales, support, or services; instead, it’s an ongoing practice of brands anticipating customers’ needs and keeping in touch with them to foster lasting relationships, loyalty, and hence, business growth.With more and more businesses adopting the customer-centric approach while developing their marketing strategies, customer engagement inevitably holds center stage in order for them to build top-of-mind awareness and achieve the intended inbound growth. The webinar entails an understanding on how to actively interact with your audience with messages that interests, educates, or motivates them, and encourages a two-way conversation which will end in the buying journey being a beneficial one for both the parties.


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Humor in the workplace for stress relief
As organizations find themselves immersed in the global war for talent, the best weapon at their disposal is most likely to be their current workforce. This means that issues around employee engagement and collaboration are going to take on even greater significance in the coming years if companies want to attract and keep the best people. Those who can motivate employees to enjoy their time at work will have a greater chance of success. Humour is something that the majority of us use and enjoys instinctively, but there is plenty of scientific research to confirm what those natural impulses tell us: humour is good for us. A lot of studies have established the fact that stressed-out people with a strong sense of humour became less depressed and anxious than those in whom it was less well-developed. The webinar discusses the connection between humour & workplace stress and how workplace culture can be developed/improved to a humor inclusive one


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Top secrets no one told me about building my personal brand
A personal brand allows you to build more trust between your business and colleagues and clients alike. It also boosts your reputation and motivates others to want to do business with you. To survive and top your category in the business/job world today, there is a strong need for job candidates/entrepreneurs to build a personal brand. However, there are a lot of in-depth secrets that they don't tell you about this amazing journey. My personal experience and story will reveal what the internet doesn't want to share with you


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Using the Continuous improvement culture to improve workplace productivity
Webinar on "Using the Continuous Improvement Culture to Enhance Workplace Productivity" by our expert panelists Dr. Robert P. Machera (Dean, Botho University, Botswana and Board Member, UniAthena) and Dr. Vivek Mohan (Associate Dean, Westford Education Group and Head of Academic Quality, Uniathena ) on Jan 23, 2021, 11:00 AM(GMT). Mr. Shiju Philipose, Portfolio Manager, Athena Global Education, will moderate the discussion. The webinar will discuss how the 'Continuous Improvement Culture' can be used to substantially improve workplace productivity.


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