COVID- 19, A Personal Development Coach

COVID19-A-Personal-Development-Coach Serges Bertrand Mvogo Menounga  |   3 mins read January 21, 2021 | 2 | 48 eye icon

Nearly 1.45 Million deaths in 8 months, one of the most severe economic recession in human history !!!!! The COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly the element that defined the world in the year 2020. As one thinker said, "Never take anything for granted, everything can change, everything can end, everything can begin".

Whatever your sector of activity is, whether you are an employee, employer, liberal professor, student, parent, farmer, COVID-19 imposed its law like a teacher who wants to send a message despite the resistance of the student. In hindsight, what can we learn from this situation?

 The closure of borders to reduce contamination, the limitation of contact between people, the closure of businesses, and the consequences that followed have made the human race understand the elusiveness of happiness.

I lost my job, I lost a loved one, my business gain went down by 70%, basically, every social stratum has had to concede something to cope during this difficult period.

The reality is an eye-opener. It allowed man's resilience to spring forth, his ability to adapt, and revealed to us that in the end, we do not need much to live happily. Confinement has shown us how much the absence of simple things such as walks in the open air, indulging in sports, engaging in social contact is important in the emancipation of man. We very often forget to be grateful for what nature offers us and neglect our health at the expense of a frantic quest for gain or any sort of material good.

We therefore have learned from COVID-19 that in the face of difficulties, we must review priorities, that health is priceless and remains essential before any operation we wish to initiate.

We learned that nothing is eternal and that we must know how to appreciate what we have.

We realized that if wealth is the secret to happiness, then the rich should be dancing on the street …but in reality, only poor kids do that.

We learned that money does not buy life, billionaires died from COVID-19, they took nothing with them on their last journey, African countries, the poorest in the world,  have less than 10% of deaths.

We learned that we should never be fooled by appearances, the great world powers endowed with substantial means have been the most bereaved in this pandemic while the poor countries of Africa, without means have not been so adversely affected.

We learned that every difficulty conceals an opportunity as COVID-19 also made billionaires. Netflix recorded ten million more subscribers during the pandemic,  its revenue increased by 25% to $ 6.15 billion, slightly above expectations (6.08 billion). ZOOM app sales jumped 355% to $ 663.5 million in the last three months compared to the same period in 2019. Amazon made immense gains in this situation.

In 1665, while the plague was decimating London, the young Isaac Newton took refuge in the family mansion of Woolsthorpe. And it is during this confinement that the apple fell on his head leading him to discover and write the universal theory of gravity. We see what we have to do, eh!

How many theories, how many masterpieces ... how many babies will be born after these weeks/months of confinement? 

Nature has taught us a lesson, COVID--19 has taught us something. It is often said that Nature always takes back its rights.

Serges Bertrand Mvogo Menounga
Managing Director & Co-Founder
2ITS (IT & Industrial Sector)

Master of Business Administration 2020 Batch


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Kristy   2 months ago

Thank you for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your next post thank you once again.

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UniAthena   2 months ago

Thanks ...

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