Breaking Free from Excuses: Why Now Is the Time to (Re-)Start Your Education

Breaking Free from Excuses Sheza Firoz  |   2 mins read May 23, 2022 | 142 eye icon

Raise your hand if you are guilty. Guilty of letting your books and pens catch dust as your work-life caught up with you. It doesn’t matter that there is a new course you are raving to join - ‘I’m busy with my job,’ ‘my family takes up all my time,’ ‘I will get to it once _________ is over’. Whatever you fill that blank with, it will never become empty. Not unless you empty it yourself, like Shivangi.

Shivangi’s priority has always been her dreams. Raised by a woman who refused to abandon her education after becoming a mother, Shivangi wrote her final exams for her Social Work degree in her bridal lehenga. She refused to replace one commitment with another. The moment the examiner yelled, ‘Time up!’, she dashed to the mandap (wedding platform) and married the love of her life, right on schedule. Shivangi is not alone in her ambitions. Dr. Luis Espina abandoned his plans for medical school and settled for an engineering degree owing to financial difficulties. He landed a biomedical engineering degree and developed medical devices for a company. Aged 37, he left his prestigious job and applied to medical school to become a doctor.  What Shivangi and Dr. Espina have in common, apart from their supportive partners and families, is the resolve to chase their dreams regardless of obstacles.

“Well,” I hear you say, “What if I can’t leave my job?”

You are not alone. Plenty of busy people around the world wish to re-enter higher education after years as working professionals. This could be to update their knowledge base in their field, gain new skills to advance their careers, or even switch their jobs. There is no denying that the balancing act will be intense – juggling work, family, and educational commitments is never easy. But it is not impossible. With the right learning platform that caters to your work schedule and some flexibility on your family’s side, you could have it all. UniAthena does just this – we understand that you cannot commit 24 hours to your education, so all we ask is ten minutes. Between our flexible payment options and bite-sized learning delivery, you will be able to earn a degree and a promotion together!

The profound truth here is simple – your prized education and dream career will never materialise if you don’t start. The road to success isn’t smooth – It requires grit and patience.

But with a little more effort, consistency, and UniAthena at your side, self-education will be the most rewarding thing you do for yourself. So dust off your books – it’s study time.


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