Athena Global Education partners with Youthup to provide scholarships

Athena Global Education Partnership Shatarupa Datta  |   2 mins read March 4, 2021 | 125 eye icon

Athena Global Education enters into a partnership with YouthUp to provide partial scholarships to its members all over the world. They will get a 50% discount on the first two modules of all programs of Athena.

YouthUp represents the collective voice of global youth with a mission to uplift every youth into greatness through education, entertainment, and networking so that they can make a positive impact on society. It trains young people to turn their ideas into action and help them to stand out in a competitive job market, gaining meaningful work experience. One of the planks of their mission is to teach valuable technical and essential soft skills to increase employability and the chance to discover new roles and start their careers more quickly. 

“Athena Global Education has demonstrated a great interest towards empowering young people through its online programs as we have seen in various testimonials globally, a mission that aligns perfectly with ours to uplift youths into greatness, so we are happy to collaborate with the team to ensure a continuous growth of quality education for the good of humanity,” commented Mr. Faith Nwaobia, Founder, YouthUp.

Athena Global Education is a subsidiary of Westford Education Group, a higher education services provider since 2009. It offers a multitude of online degree programs (Master & Doctoral level degrees) and certification courses  tailored to the needs of working professionals and accredited by top-ranking European universities. Its vision is to empower people, the privileged and underprivileged, by providing access to higher education that is effective, affordable, and flexible without any boundaries. Athena has helped thousands of learners from around the world achieve their higher education aspirations and through that, their professional goals.

“We are very impressed with what YouthUp is doing and we would like to help such a dedicated organization in every way possible. We believe that quality higher education is an undeniable right of all, not of few, and should be affordable by all and that is our core objective. Athena’s online courses enable individuals to develop their capabilities and to foster their application at the workplace for the benefit of the economy and society”, says Mr. Firoz Thairinil, Founder &CEO, Westford Education Group.

Athena Global Education is expanding its footprint in South East Asia with a mission to educate the students of that region through its affordable online academic and professional certification courses, especially online MBA programs. Athena recently concluded an MOU with the LEARN Global Institute of Myanmar and Rangsit University of Thailand to provide dual degree programs and internationally accredited courses to their students and learners in other ASEAN countries.


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