UniAthena enters into a Strategic Partnership with Acacia University, USA

a Strategic Partnership with Acacia University Vishwajeet Gudadhe  |   3 mins read June 17, 2022 | 404 eye icon

UniAthena and Acacia University, USA, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership for the much-acclaimed Free-Learning, Short Certification courses on the UniAthena platform. Acacia University will now be a partner body for the Mastering and Essentials programs, which are the two major categories under the free learning short courses. Our vision with the partnership is to make modern educational spaces & facilities accessible to all sections of the society.

The collaboration comes as part and parcel of the recent acquisition of Acacia University by Westford Education Group, the leading accredited higher education provider across the globe. And UniAthena, an entity of the Westford Education Group, aims to strengthen it via the Short Certification courses. The two aforesaid short course categories have been designed to ensure that learners gain a fundamental understanding of the subject matter.

The partnership makes a combined effort to bring substantial change in the technique of learning prevailing among the students. Acacia has an excellent two-decadal track record of working with the Commission of International and Transregional accreditation for a quality teacher training program in developing countries. It has also developed a web-based curriculum that has been in force since 2005. Thus with the exceptional academic and teaching standards of Acacia, UniAthena makes its way to cater to the extensive learners base at its disposal.

Free-Learning Short Courses is a newly-launched platform by UniAthtena that contains a diverse pool of free-to-learn short courses principally designed to upskill learners in specific domains. These courses are designed to enhance the learner's knowledge and critical thinking abilities and develop expertise in their respective discipline. 

UniAthena continually aspires to be on the cutting edge of education to upskill learners for the most in-demand jobs. It has developed a delivery model which can accommodate the requirements of people from all walks of life. The programs are delivered through well-crafted learning resources and assessed through assignments that conform to very high standards.

“We are delighted to have Acacia in our portfolio adding value to our enterprise. We believe that knowledge is the key to success in today's business world and with Acacia University we envisage propagating knowledge in abundance for the larger benefit of the masses. This landmark deal will create synergies with unlimited possibilities to improve learning opportunities around the world” says Mr. Firoz Thairinil, Founder & CEO, Westford Education Group.

“We are thrilled to be going together with Westford Education Group. Virtual learning is here to stay, and we believe that we can open new vistas to more learners and assist in their professional growth,” remarks Mr. Tim R Moman, President, Acacia University.

UniAthena is a global education services platform dedicated to providing high-quality education to students from around the world, from the Middle East to North Africa to the United States. Its academic programs comprise Doctoral and Master Level Degrees and Diplomas from top-ranking universities and professional certifications from renowned bodies. It leverages technology to make the learner's experience an easy and enriching one.


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