Miriam Siyamanyanga

Women's History Month- Tales of Courage and Resilience| Miriam Siyamanyanga

"To all fellow women out there, follow your dreams whatever it takes, every inch is worth it."

Miriam Siyamanyanga 
Shanghai Mixi Consultancy

IMBA Batch 2019

It is all about drive, focus, and aspirations for me but above everything, my goals need to be achieved, bars need to be set and multiple roles of me being a wife, a mom of a two-year-old, CEO of my company, and an IMBA student need to be executed properly. It hasn’t been a compelling journey making everything work but through the unwavering support of my family, I have managed to cover everything quite well.

When the pandemic started here in China, my business was doing well. During the pandemic, it was a very frustrating period because we had to put everything on hold but office bills and others still had to be paid. I along with my team had to make changes to adapt to the situation fast to stay afloat. So we launched our online blueprint which helped us through the pandemic. It seemed hard and unfavorable at that time but even after going back to our traditional way of doing things post-pandemic, online services are very much a thing that people are interested in. It is an effective business venture.

Working for my IMBA hasn’t been very easy mainly because of the time differences and fitting everything into my already busy schedule. I made it work by setting goals and timelines for myself to avoid procrastination. I also made sure to communicate with my Athena student support team who helped me tremendously. They are the reason I have managed to finish my courses on time and moreover, they are supporting me to finish my dissertation.

Being a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur and on top of that, a student has been the biggest challenge I have had to tackle in a very long time. It’s painful, stressful and there’s no one size fit all solution to making it work. I kept myself grounded and just got up and did what I had to regardless of how I was feeling. I knew it was for my daughter, I knew that my future needed the IMBA, I needed to stand up one day and be able to tell women that they could do anything because I did it. Definitely, a goal to aspire for!

To all fellow women out there, follow your dreams whatever it takes, every inch is worth it. I have done it, many women have it done it, and even better, so can you. All it takes is a  plan and a starting point.

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