Lamin A. Bojang
Interview with Lamin A. Bojang

"One has to be very courageous in order to achieve something extraordinary in this life we find ourselves in".

Lamin A. Bojang
Manager, Internal Audit
Gambia Tourism Board

Master of Business Administration Batch 2021

Is the course you have enrolled for at Athena helping you to realise your career goals?

I strongly believe that obtaining an MBA from a recognized Institution like Athena Global Education will further enhance my career goals and make me become a successful  and innovative professional in the years to come.

What would you like to learn next? What are your next career steps?

My next career goal, if things work out according to my plan, would be to undertake a further MSc program in Finance to add to my qualifications. This will enable me to stand a better chance in seeking higher-paid employment in the international job market.

Describe one thing that makes you feel a sense of accomplishment. Explain why.

I truly felt a sense of accomplishment the moment I finished paying for my younger brother’s undergraduate university studies program at the University of Gambia. It was a moment of joy for me and my family when my brother graduated from the university in 2015. It was so tough on me at the beginning with my low income and nobody to assist me other than my dear mother during that particular period. I took an oath and promised my mother that I would endeavor hard to finance his (brother) undergraduate study program in Computer Science he had gained admission to after completing his secondary school education. Personally, this is what I consider my accomplishment.

What helps you to bounce back from setbacks?

It is Courage: the courage to overcome those setbacks. In a situation where I believe I was unfairly treated, embarrassed, intimidated, and ridiculed, particularly issues associated with my day-to-day work, I always had the courage to overcome those situations by doing the right thing. If it was a work/job-related issue where I was blasted by my superiors for failing to do the task properly, I had the courage to carry out the task to perfection. Practically, one has to be very courageous in order to achieve something extraordinary in this life we find ourselves in. Courage helps me bounce back from setbacks.

What’s the best book you’ve ever read? Why did you like it?

To be honest, the best book I have ever read and enjoyed is  ANIMAL FARM written by George Orwell. This book clearly articulates the story of a group of animals who decided to rebel against their own farm Manager in order to gain total freedom. However, that freedom achieved after betraying their master turned out to be the worst for some of the animals within the farm. 

I was made to understand that the story of Animal Farm somehow depicted how one powerful military man in Russia, called Joseph Stalin, betrayed his colleagues during the Russian Revolution in 1917. He initiated a good revolution which was unanimously supported by his colleagues and he later twisted that good initiative for evil purposes to satisfy his lust for power and personal gain.

If you could live anywhere, where would you live? Why?

I would prefer to continue living in my country, Gambia. Reason being that the Gambia is a peaceful country and that is why it is called the smiling coast of Africa. It Is a country where there is no ethnic and religious discrimination. Christians and Muslims live together in a blended society and celebrate the calendar of events together such as Christmas, New year, Eid prayers of Koriteh and Tobaski respectively, Marriage ceremonies, and other occasions. 

Who is someone you consider a hero in your life? Why?

I consider my biological Mother a Hero in my life. I am called Lamin A. Bojang thanks to my Mother. I went to school thanks to my Mother, I drive my own car thanks to my Mother, I built my own house thanks to my Mother,  I married a wife thanks to my mother. My Mother is someone who sacrificed all her wealth, little though it may be, she gained from small vegetable gardening to finance my education. She invested a lot in me and has dedicated all her hard work, time, and energy just to see me succeed in life. Her words of encouragement, advice have really paid off and I shall be ever grateful to her. She is and will remain my only Hero.

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